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Congratulations and welcome to Keyword Smart Domains!  My name is Ben Sheppard, founder of Marketing Web Media and this web site.  Its no accident you found this page!  Now I am going to offer you a very smart web marketing tip right now for free!

Important Web Marketing Tip #1 For You

"If you want a BIG head start over your competition right from day one... Choose two different domain names for two different purposes:  First, choose a simple, unique, and memorable name for the streets, (your face to face adventures), one that reflects well who you are and what you do.  Put this name on your business card so that your face to face acquaintances can easily get to your web site and tell their friends.  Second, choose a longer keyword rich name for the search engines, (people searching the web who don't know anything about you, but are seeking to find YOU, your product(s) and or service online).  Use this name to rank high in anonymous web search results.  Both of these names shall ultimately point to your web site"  Why? How? Need more info? Read more here, and start getting smart about your web presence.

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Keyword Smart Domains is much more than an inexpensive, easy, and convenient place to register and manage your domain names. We are your web business development experts!  If you believe you have a good idea... guess what... you have a GREAT idea!  We will help you develop a winning edge for your ideas online right from day one, AND maintain that leading edge over the long haul.  Let us analyze, strategize, market, promote, and launch your dreams way ahead of your competition where they deserve to be.

We are your GO TO experts, we listen to you, and we do what ever it takes, no matter how crazy it may sound... We know how to do what we do. Here are some of our success stories...

Great NEWS for 2011!  We have a New Name and a New Vision!  For those clients who already know us... before November 2010 we were known by the name, a subsidiary operation of Global ICT Systems Inc. In that role, our primary purpose was to support the needs of Global ICT Systems exclusively. This has changed as we are NOW a completely independent operation with a New Vision and Mission Focus...(read the full story here)

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